Will 2023 be a better Real Estate Year?

Most of us in the United States are not happy with the current status of…well, anything! The powers that be have gone to the extreme, and peaked with the COVID-19 reactions. Shutting businesses down, isolating society, and running away from a virus that we can’t escape has created a global catastrophe, the repercussions just now being felt. The real estate market in many areas have been especially hard hit. In Oregon, landlords took a back seat to the tenants. Actually that would have been acceptable. Instead, they have been thrown UNDER the bus, ran over, then backed over a few times. Along with horrible “rent control”, housing shortage, and inflation, it is the most difficult market since the bubble popped in 2008.

So here we are facing down 2023, with all the optimism we Oregonians can muster. No matter who won the Governor seat, the losing side is bound to move to friendlier pastures. That should mean an increase in listings, and hopefully soften the market, making it easier for buyer’s agents to find homes for their clients. We shall see.

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